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Brazil Will Try Chinese Live Shopping on

Brazil Will Try Chinese Live Shopping on "Black Friday"

BY Shirley 9 Nov,2020 Black Friday Felipe Neto


Felipe Neto, a well-known Brazilian influencer with 40 million followers on YouTube, will be the host of B2W’s Black Friday event. (B2W is a Brazilian retail company.)


The "live shopping" model, a combination of "entertainment and sales", will be widely tested on Black Friday in Brazil this year.

Black Friday, on November 27, is the second most important day in Brazilian business and the most important day for e-commerce. Brazil has introduced a new sales mode from China — "live shopping" this year. And live shopping has already become very popular in China.

Last year, Jack Ma (the founder of Alibaba) challenged Li Jiaqi (an influencer selling beauty products in China) to see who could sell more lipsticks. Since then, live shopping has become a part of e-commerce marketing.


The Internet has provided an unprecedented opportunity to live shopping. “Through this way, the gap between the buyer and the seller is getting smaller.” said Pedro Alvim (32 years old), who works for Magazine Luiza, one of Brazil's largest retailers.

In Brazil, live shopping ranked only the ninth in marketing and distribution channels. And the first trial of live shopping in Brazil wasn’t selling lipsticks, but selling coffee.  In Magazine Luiza’s App, four stores worked together to sell coffee online for an hour. In that hour, their sales volume increased by 100 times. And within one day, they succeeded in selling an amount that they had to sell for a month as in normal time.