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The "real" flying car made its first flight

BY Emily 22 Nov,2020 Flying Car AirCar


We could call them flying cars but let us face the reality. Currently flying cars are small planes. However, with the Klein Vision AirCar, which at least looks and functions like a real car, that could change in the future.

Last week, Slovak start-up company shared video of the AirCar prototype completing its first flight test. In addition to demonstrating the ability to fly, it can also drive on the road.

The Klein Vision AirCar prototype is a roadable car that switches shape at the touch of a few buttons.


At the beginning of the video (YouTube video link:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAnIjwwzupI&feature=youtu.be), A futuristic AirCar can be seen pulling into the tarmac at Piestany Airport. The rear of the car then slides back as two wings eject from the body and unfold. With the wings fully unfolding, the prototype accelerated down the runway and took off into the sky. It hovered around the airport several times before landing safely. After landing, the wings are retracted, and the aircraft is driven out of the airport.

While AirCar's design needs to be improved -- it looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie -- its road-driving features looks need to be set apart from other current competitors, including the SkyDrive SD03 and Voloopter VoloCity.


According to the company press centre, the super-light two-seated car is powered by a 1.6 liter BMW engine and has a 140-horsepower output. The startup company also claims the car has a range of about 620 miles and the top speed can reach 124 mph.

Although these Numbers are impressive, the company seems particularly proud of the fact that its flying cars are on the road. "With AirCar, you can drive to the airport and take off without getting out of the car. That is to say, everyone can own a private jet. Drive the AirCar to a golf course, office, shopping mall or hotel...”Anton Zajac, co-founder of Klein Vision, said in a statement.

Only 18 months into development, Klein Vision has successfully completed its first flight. They plan to continue developing AirCar. The company plans to go into production within the next six months.