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How to Choose The Right Insurance for You

How to Choose The Right Insurance for You

BY Little Crystal 31 Oct,2022 Insurance Type Advantages Disadvantages Price


The insurance industry has been around for a long time, no matter which country it is in. In the present social environment, on the one hand, we ourselves face different risks every day, and on the other hand, we need insurance for our homes, cars, and medical care that we need in our lives, and it can be said that insurance has penetrated into everyone's life. Usually, injury and even death are the most common risks that we cannot avoid. The loss of a major working member of a family would be a very big blow, and although it is a bit cruel to say so, this is the time when life insurance becomes very important. That's why it's necessary to have a suitable insurance plan for yourself.


For example, in the United States, there are four main types of life insurance. Term life, universal life, variable/indexed universal life, and whole life. Each type of insurance has its own characteristics and applicability, so you can choose according to your own conditions. If you are a young person with a low income, between the ages of 20 and 35, and want to provide protection for your family, you can choose term life insurance.


Basic Insurance: Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the cheapest form and product that exists to protect against accidental death of a person.

This type of life insurance has been in existence since around 1850 and is still in existence today, and has been the reference and basis for all kinds of life insurance since then. This type of insurance is the most common type of life insurance, and at the time of purchase, the policyholder can choose his or her own term of insurance from one to thirty years. The most immediate benefit is that if the insured dies during the term of the insurance, the family will receive a substantial amount of compensation. Likewise, if the insured does not die during the policy period, the contract will expire. This type of insurance is usually inexpensive, based on a $500,000 Term Term policy for a 35 year old, the base premium is usually around $60/month, which is the lowest of the insurance policies.


Pros: Inexpensive premiums, meets short-term benefits, provides a death claim.

Disadvantages: Time-limited, insurance is not permanent, and the age of the insured is usually limited to 65. There is no way to purchase term life insurance beyond 65 years of age.

-No cash value, no savings or investment function.

-After the insurance contract expires, the cost of renewal increases due to the age of the insured.

-Suitable for people who need short-term protection and have a limited budget