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Do you Choose to Rent or buy a Home?

Do you Choose to Rent or buy a Home?

BY Wendy 10 Nov,2022 Real Estate Rental Finance


Housing prices are skyrocketing in 2022, so many people who can't afford the high prices are temporarily giving up on buying a home and choosing to rent. As the number of people renting slowly increases, rents across the country have begun to grow. Faced with this situation, do you choose to rent or buy a home?

The pros and cons of renting.


1,Compared to buying a house, the prep work and cost of renting a house is much less.

2,If you are tired of staying in one place, you can change it to any place you want.

3,The fact is that the price of buying a house is not the whole story, and you will face the maintenance cost later on, but if you choose to rent, you don't have to consider these problems.

4,You won't be affected by the ups and downs of the house price.


1,The decoration of the house may not be as you want.

2,If the landlord chooses to use or sell the house, you will have to move out.

3,The landlord can raise the rent.

4,In a competitive rental market, it is difficult to find a house that you are satisfied with in a short period of time.


The pros and cons of buying a house.


1,Compared to renting, buying a house is more stable, especially for families with children.

2,You can decorate your house according to your own preferences.

3,You don't have to explain anything to your landlord.

4,There are some tax incentives.


1,Buying a house involves a lot of money, so you need to do a lot of preparation and be careful before buying a house.

1,The price is not stable and if the price drops, the value of the house you buy will be depreciated.

3,The price of a home is not the whole story, you will need a certain amount of money for maintenance and repairs later on.

4,Buying a house means that you will live in a place for a long time and have less freedom.


It is impossible to give an absolute judgment between renting and buying, but if you are struggling to decide whether to buy or rent, try asking yourself, are you ready to settle in one place for a long time? Who are the members of your family and do you need to consider schooling for your children? What kind of house do you want to buy and can you afford the price of this place? What kind of house do you want to rent and will you be able to find the house you want? What is your financial situation and can you afford the maintenance cost of your house? Will you be financially strained by buying a house? Have you understood the process of buying and renting a house?