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How do I buy the House I Want?

How do I buy the House I Want?


I. Before buying a house you should first ask yourself a few questions.

1. What is your budget?

Buying a home should follow the principle of price first. How much money do you have, how much do you intend to spend, how much can you borrow, and what is the maximum amount you can repay each month? You can determine the price of buying a house based on the total income of your family!

2. What is the purpose of buying a home?

What is the purpose of buying a home? This is the first question to clarify when buying a home. If you are using it for your own residence, you should definitely make yourself more comfortable, and then you should consider factors such as the surrounding support and travel. If you are using it for investment, you should focus on the appreciation potential of the house. By being clear about the purpose of buying a home, the scope of your search will be a little clearer.

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Second, after determining a clear range of conditions, we have to start looking for a property

(1) Buy a new or second-hand home? In the United States, the majority of homes traded on the market are second homes, accounting for 85% of the total number of homes listed for sale on the market; relatively few new homes are built, accounting for only 15%. Second homes, then, make up the absolute majority. Moreover, the prices of new homes are generally high and, in contrast to new homes, second homes are generally located in busy areas with relatively good amenities. Newer homes are generally less well established in terms of their surroundings and commercial areas. Of course new homes have certain advantages in them; new homes are like new cars, new homes require less maintenance than home buyers worry about replacing roofs, water heaters or windows etc. after at least ten years; and of course you can custom decorate your own new home. This comparison should give you an idea of whether you want to buy a new or second home.

(2) Determine the type of home: There are 3 types of homes that are more common in the US.

Single Family House: Generally three floors or less, with its own yard, the house type is generally more reasonable, privacy is better, but may spend more time regularly to organize their own yard.

Townhouse: A townhouse is one where the left and right walls of the house are shared with the neighbours, so there is the potential for disturbance and privacy is less desirable.

Condo: This is the more common type of flat home, there are many of these forms, the environment is generally better, relatively inexpensive and easier to maintain on a daily basis. It is a great option for homeowners who want to save money and worry. However, it is on the expensive side of property management costs.


(3) Determine the house: If you have seen the house, the next step is to start negotiating the price. The owner will give you a psychological price to expect, and if you are happy with the price you offer, you can close the deal.

(4) Signing the contract: This is the most crucial step, but the "real estate agent" will help you to see if there are any problems with the contract, but you should be careful and read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract and the supplemental agreement, and make sure you understand them clearly before signing the contract.