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Last War: Survival Game tops the overseas mobile game revenue list in April

Last War: Survival Game tops the overseas mobile game revenue list in April

BY dehga 10 May,2024 Strategy single player Stylized


According to the data recently released by Sensor Tower, among the Chinese mobile games exported overseas in April 2024, Last War: Survival continued to rank first in revenue!


FirstFun's Last War: Survival has maintained stable updates and advertising, and with those fun events like Foodie Carnival, in-app purchase revenue has increased by 16%!

So, it not only continues to lead the overseas mobile game revenue list, but also the champion of the global 4X strategy mobile game revenue list.

Sensor Tower's data also said that Last War: Survival has been released since August 2023, and its innovative casual shooting fusion gameplay and advertising materials have been effective, and its revenue and active user scale have continued to grow for 8 consecutive months.

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Last War: Survival is a game that makes people excited, especially for players who like doomsday themes, this is simply paradise! Imagine that you suddenly become a super survival expert in a post-apocalyptic world, surrounded by groups of zombies. It's like rolling in hell! Moreover, there are other players playing this game, and you will have to have a life-and-death battle in the end. Just thinking about it makes your heart beat faster!

In this game, building a shelter is a top priority. First, you have to find a safe place, and then build a strong house using various sturdy materials to block enemy attacks and all kinds of bad weather. Even better if you play in a team with other survivors! You can explore and find resources together, which will increase your chance of survival.


However, the weather and environment in this game can change, so you have to be alert at all times. For example, natural disasters such as storms and avalanches must be prepared in advance, otherwise it will be tragic. Especially at night or when the weather is bad, you must beware of enemy sneak attacks.

Resources are very scarce in this game, so you have to allocate them wisely. Food and water, you have to think carefully, otherwise it will not be fun if you starve to death or die of thirst. But don't worry, as you continue to grow in the game, you can learn new skills and strategies to keep yourself alive longer.

This game also has a lot of tasks, and there are new challenges waiting for you every day. This way you won't get bored. By completing these tasks, you can continuously improve your abilities and transform from a novice to a doomsday legend.Overall, the game Last War: Survival is really exciting and fun! If you like doomsday-themed games, you must not miss it!