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How do I use my Credit Card Wisely?

How do I use my Credit Card Wisely?


We all know that credit cards bring us a lot of convenience, but they also bring a lot of problems. How exactly should we use credit cards in our lives? You can read the following article carefully, I hope it can bring you help. If you find it useful, you can share it with more people!


The main points to note when using credit cards are as follows.

1, the number of control within three

Don't look at which banks have offers and continue to run cards regardless. Too many credit cards are very bad to manage, especially on repayment dates which are more likely to be confusing, and if you can't control the frequency of credit card use, it is likely to lead to an embarrassing situation where you have too much debt to afford after a few years. If you have extra cards that you don't use often, you can consider cancelling them first.

2. Build up a good credit history

When you use your credit card to spend, remember to make regular and punctual repayments, which is the most basic need for cardholders. Also, it is best to give preference to full repayment when making repayments. Never make late payments as this will not only affect your credit, but will also leave you with a late record and high interest rates, which will more than pay for itself.

3. Don't change your card too often

The longer the time, the higher the score. The length of time you use each credit card is also important. If you switch between cards and keep applying for new cards to close old ones, it will damage everyone's credit.


4. Adjust your credit limit on your credit card

Usually credit cards have a large credit limit and if you cannot use so much of it, it can cause a lot of unnecessary damage in case you lose your credit card. You can adjust the credit limit of your credit card so that the credit card spending limit is limited to this range and the risk will be much less.

5、Control your spending

You can make a perfect spending plan for yourself according to your spending situation, so that you can effectively control your spending and keep your overall spending level within a reasonable range, and the amount of overdraft must be controlled within an affordable range.

6. Security

Do not freely disclose your card number, birthday, place of birth and other personal information, in case your information is used maliciously by a third party, it will lead to unnecessary losses. In the course of using your credit card, you may encounter loss or theft. If you lose your credit card, don't be too anxious, just call your bank within 24 hours to register the loss and get a replacement.