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Minecraft Walkthrough

Minecraft Walkthrough

BY Shawn 23 Oct,2020 Minecraft Raiders Game Props


1. How to make shields: how to make shields in Minecraft OCEANCRAFT MOD

Do you know how to make shields in Minecraft? Actually, most of the new players don’t know the way to make shields in Minecraft, and that’s the reason why we wrote this article. Let’s learn the way to make shields!

First of all, we need one iron ingot, which is made out of iron ore, and you can find iron ore within 64 blocks above the bedrock.

Second, we need 6 pieces of wood, and we can get them from chopping trees.

Finally, we place the items as the following picture, and make the shield. 1.png

Compared with the other weapons, shields need only one iron ingot and some wood, and help players to block incoming attacks, which is really helpful.

2. How to make iron golem: how to make soldiers in Minecraft

In this game, villagers are not able to attack or build their own houses. Only if they are in specific mod can they turn into army.


And you can try to make iron golem to protect the villagers.

You need carved pumpkin and iron blocks to create a iron golem: place iron blocks into a T shape, and then place a carved pumpkin on the top of the center upper block. 



3. How to make a wool machine in Minecraft

Since the official of Minecraft has adjusted some functions of the redstone, how can we make a wool machine in the new version? Let’s learn it by reading the article written by “threepo”:

As a loyal player of redstone player, every time when there is a new version released, my first concern will always be the information about redstone.