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Ten Trends of Social Media

Ten Trends of Social Media

BY Clarence 5 Nov,2020 Social Media


Recently, Talkwalker and Hubspot worked together and interview 70 specialists and front-line professionals. The main content of the interview is about their forecast of the trends of social media marketing in the coming year. And we summarized the trends as follow:


10. New UGC Mode—Remix 

As we know, the contents generated by the users are not fresh to the audiences, what are fresh are the ways that the contents are produced, and the ways that the contents are released. Remix is a way that creators use the existing ideas, models and designs to reproduce their works. It helps the users to express their individualities and ideas. Remix is now quite popular in TikTok, Koji and Instagram Reels. The year 2021 will bring forth more opportunities for remix videos, as the popular brands will attract more users to participate in the creation.


9. “4 Cs” in the Context of Epidemic

The impact of Covid-19 will last for years, even it is estimated to subside in the next year. It will be hard for the consumers to forget the shadow of the epidemic, and obviously, the brands need to adjust their marketing strategies based on consumers’ attitude. Content creation in the context of epidemic should follow the principles of “4 Cs”: “Community”, “Contactless”, “Cleanliness” and “Compassion”. The “4 Cs” will be the main features of the big brands’ marketing strategies.

8. Trend of Social Media Meme

Forget about emoji, and clean up the gifs you have saved! The most popular communication mode at the moment is meme. Meme is now widely spread via internet, and has become a funny way to blend in a new social group. However, meme is not always lovely and positive. Like the other communication mode, meme could be used to manipulate people’s mind normalize some extreme behaviors. For example, meme could be used to intervene elections. In the coming 2021, brands need to protect themselves from the impact of meme.

7. Nostalgia Marketing

People tend to look back to 2019, thinking that it was much better than 2020. Good memories will initiate positive emotions, that’s the reason why nostalgia marketing works so well. It can attach the brands with positive emotions, and cultivate consumers’ positive attitude towards the brands. In period of fluctuation and depression, nostalgia marketing will be more common, since consumers like to look back to the beautiful past to divert their attention from the suffering reality.

6. More Conversations with Consumers

Marketing is a “two-way street”. The brands should not just release their brand information and wait for a positive result. To the opposite, they establish a relationship with the consumers through conversations, which is the true way to increase sales.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has made the point even more important at the moment. Facing the consumers, selling products is not as important as before. The key factors to motivate consumers and to promote their loyalty are information, interaction and attention to social issues.