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That skr goes viral on Chinese social media

That skr goes viral on Chinese social media

BY Jean 11 Nov,2020 Skr Skrt


According to the famous online slang dictionary, Urban Dictionary, you can respond with "skr" when someone comes up with a rather ridiculous idea.


 For example,

"Could you say mean things to me?"

"Skr! Are you skr masochist?"

Skr, also often written as "Skrt", "Skert", "Skirt" and the elongated "Skrrr. " and "Skrrrt".

Originally it is an onomatopoeic word that mimics the sound of a car's rubber tires rubbing against the ground as it drifts or makes a sharp turn, skr(t) is often used as a verb in rap songs.

On the hip-hop dictionary site, The Right Rhymes, skrt can be used as an intransitive verb to mean "to make a sharp turn" or "to leave quickly".


For example, in a song called "Skrt," rapper Kodak Black sings.

In addition, skr is often used as a tone auxiliary without an explicit meaning, to enhance the musical effect.

As there is more frequent use of skr, new meanings are been associated with it. According to Urban Dictionary, skr(t) can now be used to mean "excitement" and "humor".

As for the popular skr emojis on the Internet, it's probably because the pronunciation of skr in mandarin is similar to "four" or "dead one", so users who are keen to play with the harmonized stems have recreated them.

Don’t you want to give it a try on this “Skr” wordplay too?