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Abandoned orange cat waving to passersby

Abandoned orange cat waving to passersby

BY Maria 8 Nov,2020 cat


This cute orange cat is called Mayhem. He is two years old and lives in an animal protection organization in New York.


Mayhem is a very energetic kitten. It is very active and likes to play. The staff of the animal protection organization has prepared a lot of toys for it, including cat sticks, cardboard boxes and cat climbing frames.


The staff said that Mayhem likes people to play with it very much. Its favourite activity is to play with cat sticks.

When there is no one to accompany it, it lays on the transparent glass wall to greet people passing by. It will first grab the glass wall with its claws, and then rub the wall with its rounded head, wanting to be cared for and touched.

This trick is always good, because Mayhem is so enthusiastic that no staff can resist its invitation. Therefore, everyone has to try not to attract its attention, otherwise the whole day will be spent on Mayhem.


In fact, Mayhem, despite being extroverted and enthusiastic, does not have a good life experience.

It originally had a home, but was abandoned by its former owner. Shortly after being rescued by the staff of the animal protection organization, it was adopted and returned home by another owner, but was returned shortly after adoption. The former owner who returned said: "Its character is too lively, there is really no way to let it stay in the room obediently."

So, now Mayhem has to stay in the shelter again, hoping to meet a host who is really willing to take it home.

The staff said that although Mayhem has a lively personality and some wildness, it is really friendly to humans. It likes to play with humans, that is its way of expressing love.

Mayhem gets along well with the other small animals in the shelter, and it also gets along well with the dogs in the dogs’ room.

The staff took good care of Mayhem. They cared about Mayhem's emotions, took turns interacting with it, and taught it some behavioral skills. Everyone hopes that Mayhem can find a warm home soon.