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Insurance for Adults,These Four Must be Bought!

Insurance for Adults,These Four Must be Bought!


The risks of accidents and diseases in life are everywhere, and this is something we can't predict, which will not only cause a kind of harm to our body, but also may make us bear a lot of expenses, if we want to take preventive measures in advance, then only insurance, can bring us some help, because it is a way of risk management. But there are so many types of insurance on the market, how do we choose?

Stay away from the return type, two rights type, dividend type products, these three cost-effective are not very high, relatively easy to step on the mines!


First of all, we must have a budget and planning before buying insurance. Usually, the annual insurance premium accounts for 5%-10% of the total annual income, if the insurance premium is too high, then it will cause some economic pressure, so it will not be worth the loss. For an adult in his 20s or 30s, he needs four types of insurance: critical illness insurance + medical insurance + accident insurance + term life insurance.

① Medical insurance

What to insure: hospitalization expenses reimbursed by social security, more than 10,000 yuan of reasonable expenses all reimbursed, and some external drugs, imported drugs, etc. can be put reimbursement!

If you choose: the lower the deductible selected, the better. Proton heavy ion, targeted drugs out-of-pocket drug reimbursement to include, it is best to ensure renewal.


② Critical illness insurance

What to insure: If you get very sick, the insurance company will pay out a large sum of money. If you have a serious illness, you may not be able to go to work for a long time, so that you have no income, and this payout can ease the financial strain.

How to choose: the amount of coverage at least 300,000, try to choose the product to protect the life of the product, the budget is really limited can buy term.

③ Accident insurance

What to insure: There are many accidents in life, such as traffic accidents, burns, fractures and so on, so accident insurance includes accidental death / disability and accidental medical care, which is a must-have insurance.

How to choose: buy a year to protect a year of accident insurance, avoid long-term accident insurance, the best choice for adults containing sudden death coverage.


④ Term life insurance

What to insure: This is for adults who earn money at home, death or total disability will pay out, the money will be left to the family, so that the family's life tends to be stable.

How to choose: Choose products with fewer exclusions, cheaper prices and less health notices.