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How to Get Free Diamonds in Hay Day?

How to Get Free Diamonds in Hay Day?

BY Baker 4 Mar,2021 Hay Day Free Diamonds Facebook Games


Hay Day is a free mobile app game for iOS and Android devices that puts you in control of a small family farm. You can grow crops, raise animals, and develop the best farm out there.

Getting diamonds on Hay Day can prove challenging initially, especially if you’re not willing to part with real cash. However, if you’re patient, you’ll amass quite a few to spend on things that count, like increasing the capacity of your farm machines to produce goods or to extend the amount of goods you can sell in the store.


Because diamonds are incredibly useful in Hay Day, most of the big tricks and tips revolve around getting diamonds without purchasing them from the in-app store.

There are also a number of valuable strategies that you can use to collect coins, which are the other in-game currency that you need to set up new houses, buy new livestock, and decorate your farm. Please read on to learn how to get free diamonds.

Game Activities 


1. Complete tasks set from the farmhouse.

Click on the farmhouse to see all the tasks set; once you have made an achievement, you will win the number of diamonds set for each level of that achievement until the achievement is exhausted.

2. Mine for diamonds.

At level 24, you’ll get access to the mine. The mine allows you to dig for or use explosives to get minerals to make the metal bars needed to make jewellery. Occasionally, this will also release some diamonds, so try to mine frequently.


3. Spin the Wheel of Fortune.

Sometimes it will land on a diamond.

4. Level up.

At the start, leveling up isn’t too hard as the amount of experience points needed isn’t too high. However, as you start moving up the levels, the amount of experience points gets a lot higher and so gaining the diamonds by leveling up will be a very slow process and you don’t get a lot in this way.

5. Purchase diamonds.

Diamonds can be purchased with real money. Not everyone wants to do this but it is an option.