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PUBG Mobile‘s 3rd Anniversary: Another New Gangster Game from Yotta

PUBG Mobile‘s 3rd Anniversary: Another New Gangster Game from Yotta


PUBG Mobile and State of Survival are the best overseas revenue earners among all Chinese games on the latest list of the US and Germany market respectively.

PUBG Mobile is celebrating the 3rd anniversary of its launch. Tencent has also stepped up its marketing efforts for PUBG Mobile in the US and Europe, launching a series of 3rd anniversary events. PUBG Mobile is starting with a 3rd anniversary dance contest on the web, where players are welcome to record live dance videos to compete for the prizes. PUBG Mobile will also invite popular European and American celebrities to an offline anniversary party. It looks like this anniversary event is going to be a big deal.


Perhaps due to Krafton’s (formerly BlueHole) oncoming move of launching its own new PUBG game, PUBG: New State, PUBG Mobile has changed its 3rd anniversary campaign slogan into “The first and the best”, a bit of a preemptive strike.

FunPlus’ State of Survival has recently been among the top 10, sometimes even top 5 of the top-grossing games in Germany, France, Russia, the UK and other major European markets, which is very good performance.

Yotta Games has recently launched a new game, The Grand Mafia, in Europe and the US, following the launch of Mafia City. The game's theme, style and gameplay are in the same vein as Mafia City.

The Grand Mafia has been upgraded compared to Mafia City in terms of graphics, with some of the scenarios, characters and battle scenes presented in 3D which appeals to the current appetite of players.


In terms of advertising, The Grand Mafia's adopts similar elements to that of Mafia City, but with more “sexual appeal”.

In an era of COK-Like products, it is rare for Yotta Games to find the right subject and make a name for itself.

Zynga has fought its way back on the top of the list.


According to App Annie's US mobile game market index for February, High Heels and Roblox are the champion of most downloads and the top revenue earner in the US market respectively.

In the US download chart, High Heels, Blob Runner and Among Us! are in the top three respectively. Zynga, once a big developer of social game, seems to be finding its feet in the casual game sector after its successive and hefty-priced acquisitions of Small Giant Games and Rollic Games. And its recent releases, High Heels and Blob Runner have been quite popular in the market.