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How to Get Free Coins on Habbo Hotel?

How to Get Free Coins on Habbo Hotel?

BY Miller 26 Feb,2021 Habbo Hotel Habbo Coins Games


Nowadays, people increasingly need to be entertained during the epidemic without having to leave our homes, and one of the most common ways to be entertained is through our cell phones.

Habbo Hotel is a particularly popular mobile game, and also one of the most fun. In order to win, you must complete many missions. And, like other games, there is a currency available to help you successfully complete the game stages.


Unlike many other online communities with a common currency, coins are very scarce in Habbo (above mentioned as Habbo Hotel) - the only way to get them is by paying real-world money or getting them from other players. This means that in Habbo's world, they have a high value. Top-ups can be tricky if you don’t spend real money (especially because unethical players may try to scam you out of it), but with the right strategy, enough patience, and a healthy dose of common sense, it may be possible to make a Habbo fortune without spending a dime.

In this game, the currency is coins, and you can read the guide below to learn more. We will also show you how to earn free coins in the game.

Habbo Coins


The most important currency when playing Habbo Hotel is coins. You can earn coins throughout the game in several ways. The first and easiest way is to buy them with real money.

You can also get coins from other players if they choose to share them with you. Acquiring coins from other players can be very difficult because they are hard to earn, so sharing can be a challenge for most people.

Another way to make money without having to buy coins or ask other players to buy coins is to let them pass the stages and experience many different challenges.

How to Earn Free Habbo Coins

If you don’t have enough money to buy coins and other players won't share theirs with you, there are several ways to earn free coins

1. Complete the task of making quotations and surveys 

One sure way to make money with Habbo is to complete surveys and company quotations through the official Habbo website. To do this, first visit the “Earn Points” page under the “Points” tab on the official Habbo website. Log in and select one of the available quotations, then follow the instructions to earn your points. Track credit delivery by using the “Support” link on the credit offer page. Eventually, you should notice your new credits in your profile’s wallet.