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How to Get Free Units in Marvel Contest of Champions?

How to Get Free Units in Marvel Contest of Champions?

BY Marshall 13 Mar,2021 Free Units Marvel Contest of Champions Games


Marvel Contest of Champions, a super hero and fighting game mainly set up in Marvel Universe. It’s a free character fighting game that can be played on both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Even if most games are available for free, there are still some additional features that are only available to those who are willing to spend gold and advanced game currency (“units”). Units are sold in packages, starting from $4.99.


Every Champions League player wants to have a large number of units, but not everyone is willing to pay hard-earned money for the game. This article will introduce how to get units and use them to enhance game experience.

Overview of Marvel Contest of Champions

In Marvel Contest of Champions, players play the role of summoners and are assigned to form a team of Marvel superheroes and villains, and then fight each other in battle. After downloading the game, new players can only access two 1-star characters. 


They can gradually visit other characters such as Iron Man, Iron Fist, Thor, Black Arrow, Tempest, Hulk, Ultron and Ronan. Each of these characters is upgradable, with their unique classes, movements, abilities, characteristics and actions.

In the process of conquering and establishing a final champion team, you will find that acquiring and upgrading characters depends largely on the advanced currency: units.


Successfully Finish Daily Work 

1. If time not enough, try to log in once a day in the afternoon after reset

2. Use up your energy to get the lowest xp/gold coins of the day (seek the maximum energy consumption of certain catalysts through daily tasks, or accelerate the speed by automatically executing lower-level event tasks)

3. Check the GLORY and POTIONS stores

4. Check daily event / target list