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How to Get Free Strawberries in Transformice?

How to Get Free Strawberries in Transformice?

BY Kelly 11 Mar,2021 Strawberries Transformice Fraises Games


Transformice is a free-to-play online multiplayer video game platform created by French game designers, known as Melibellule and Tigrounette. Melibellule creates the game’s artwork and graphics, while Tigrounette software the game’s functions and mechanics.

Why are strawberries useful in this game?


Transformice: Gameplay

The main goal of the Transformice game is to collect a slice of cheese in at least one place on the map. Players manipulate a mouse using keys to sprint, dive, leap, and execute various techniques.

Players’ mice have to touch the cheese in order to catch it. After that, the player must take the collected cheese back to the mouse hole on the map to complete the operation.


The cheese and mouse holes number vary from map to map. Players are given points on a scoreboard that is displayed in real-time.


Reward points are awarded to players who place first, second, or sixth. Collecting cheese is documented in permanent player stats when there are around 2 or more players in the room.

Fraise (or “strawberries” in French) is a type of micro-currency currently found only in Transformice and Dead Maze. It is an inter-game micro-currency that transfers between games, not requiring a different unique micro-currency for each Atelier 801 title. When it becomes popular enough to be used only for frame content, it will be introduced into Atelier 801 game.


Atelier 801 games are added when they are popular enough to warrant strawberry-only content, but you might get 1 strawberry in some adventures. While you have to pay for them, they can be used to purchase products from the supermarket at a lower price than regular cheese.


Another way to get strawberries is by watching strawberry games, which are 15 to 30 second advertisements that reward players with one strawberry. The opportunity to watch such videos only occurs occasionally in the bottom right corner of the shop. However, they are not available to any player. Whether or not one of them has the choice is dependent on their location. 20 strawberries can also be gained by completing 20 quests a day.