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Handheld Mobile Game, the Special Experience with GameSir X2

Handheld Mobile Game, the Special Experience with GameSir X2

BY Shawn 29 Oct,2020 GameSir X2


Many game players like to play games with mobile phone. And for action games, using a sensitive gaming controller helps you to control the game with a higher speed, and helps you to win the game. Generally speaking, when playing games, we will feel much better clicking buttons of a gaming controller than clicking the screen of a mobile phone. We have bought the GameSir X2 gaming controller recently. Let’s see how good it is!


As we all know, most of GameSir’s typical gaming controllers are Bluetooth wireless ones. Compared with Bluetooth controller, GameSir X2 shows more advantages, as it doesn’t need to recharge, and it’s more sensible. That’s GameSir X2, a gaming controller designed for smart phones with type-C plug. And its package is well-designed, with the picture of the gaming controller and its brand mark.


Apart from the gaming controller, there are multi-language instructions, warranty card and certificate in the package.


For its outlook, it’s mainly white, with symmetrical design. Graceful and lines and rounded design make the gaming controller simple but appealing. The durable stretch design and the movable type-C plug make the controller extremely convenient. The layout of the buttons and the two thumb sticks are quite similar with the NS Console. Besides, for the sake of more convenient controlling, a button for screenshot and a Home Button are also arranged at certain places.


To avoid skid for sweaty hands, the grips of the controller is made out of anti-skid rubber. The highlighted part at the back sticks to players’ hand, and helps to increase friction between players and controller.

The extended four buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2) at the top of the controller are reasonably designed, and the layout and controlling and comfortable.

Its stretch design allows you to fit a mobile phone with a maximum length of 167 mm, which means that the mainstream smart phones with displays under 6.8 inches are all available.

GameSir X2 is equipped with 3D joysticks, comparable to professional-level controllers such as PS4, providing a comfortable hand-held feeling. The micro switch buttons with a service life of 3 million times, reduces delay of continuous clicking to nearly zero. There is also a cooling design at the back of the mobile phone.


The type-C plug of the controller is designed to be movable, with an adjustable range up to 51°, which is available for all kinds of type-C mobile phones. And the type-C plug supports battery charge. The players can have their mobile phone charged when playing games.

When you first get the controller, you need to turn on OTG setting in the system, and authorize type-C wired connection. After that, the mobile phone will recognize the HID device input. Those simple settings provide a player friendly circumstance to the Android game players who are using controllers.

A gaming controller is playable in many circumstances. We can install the controller to a mobile phone to play games that support controller. And we can play games in cloud gaming platforms through the APP Gloud Games. In Gloud Games platform, there are a large number of AAA games, such as GTA 5, Cities Skylines, Red Dead: Redemption, Need for Speed, and the players can enjoy all of those classic games without complicated setting.